110v Voltec charger

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110v Voltec charger

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I am new on the forum, i am owner of a 2015 volt since july 2017, it is an incredible car !!!!
but the 110v charger supplied with the car is worthy of the third world, I made a small homemade assembly (metal chest and padlock) with a duosida level 2 sold by BSAelectronics and since then the Voltec charger works when it tempts and ca not often try him .... someone among you had the same problem .... for my part I settle them by selling it for parts for 100 $ and I buy another Liteblue duosida 110v.

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Re: 110v Voltec charger

Message par Pierre Gervais » mer. janv. 08, 2020 8:44 am

If you do not already know, most of Duosida charging cords are not certified for Canada.

If you choose to use it, take care where you do because in case of damages caused by the cord, your insurance could use this "gap" to refuse to pay to related damages.

I had one before and got rid of it.

Some used 110 charging cords, certified, could be found for some 300$


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